You are replaceable unless you bring value

The current post-industrial – technocratic – era will transform organizations. Before, you (as put nicely by Seth Godin) needed to comply. A set of rules, a book of norms, and 100 page manual. Your job was to follow the rules and punch the card. Now, I am starting to see a new type of organizations […]

Fiction Writing

Why am I publishing a children’s audiobook series?

I am a writer. Easy. Also because I believe that stories are one of the best avenues to share good with the world. When we share our stories we distribute the good. We are giving away a part of us, that also will become a part of others. I quote myself. Isn’t it great? Unfortunately, […]

Coding Front End

Graceful Coding

Early guide for human centered software As time pass, I feel more drawn to the principle that coding should be gracious toward humans. When we code, and if we do that in a professional manner, we do it for others in the future. For our customers, for our colleagues, even for our future selves. Sometimes […]

Fiction Food

¿Qué comerán nuestros nietos?

Asumamos que voy a tener nietos. O que al menos van a existir otros humanos en sus treintas en el año 2060. Eso espero. Ahora, digamos que van a necesitar de sustento para mantenerse vivos, pues asumimos que siguen siendo humanos (si, las mascotas de Minecraft para ti son como hijos, pero quiero concentrarme en […]

Fiction FooBar Writing

Growing Domesticated Humans

Hold on. Give me a minute. Don’t close the tab. Let me explain. 10.000 years ago, a guy that looked very similar to you and me, found that hunting was too much of a hassle. It was filled with high uncertainty (a thrill for the hunter for sure), so much that it sometimes meant famine […]


What I think about Food Production and Distribution chains inefficiency. A Response

This article is a response/commentary to What Silicon Valley Doesn’t Understand About Agriculture Great articles are the ones that call you to action, challenge your ideas and/or refresh you with new knowledge. I think this is true for this article. Look, I am writing a response to it! The main driver of the article is […]

Food personal

FoodNet, the “cloud” in the land

Have you ever heard of the term “the cloud”? Maybe, in phrases like: “Save it in the cloud” or “Is backed up in the cloud“? This cloud is nothing more than a distributed network of data-centers that allow faster replication, lower latency and almost-instant recovery. During the last 60 years, agriculture has been a field […]


Una pieza musical que representa el matrimonio.


Tiempo de Pensar

En tiempos como estos, de encierro voluntario, de miedo e incertidumbre, de olvidar contar las calorías, recomiendan no pensar tanto. Ocupar nuestra mente en actividades que no le permitan a nuestro consciente tomar el control y llevarnos por espirales infinitas de ansiedad y temor. Aunque entiendo por completo los episodios en los que la mente […]

Family FooBar

A time for caring

Years ago, families were at home. Locked down. It was not a virus but a war the cause of the enclaustration. This time we fight a new fight, but so far, no nations are being attacked by its counterparts. Instead, a virus is the one bringing humanity together. What a common pattern in sociology, literature […]