The moral dilema

Full disclosure, I am not a philosopher.

When you think of doing the “right” thing, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? What makes you FEEL good? What BENEFITS you? What is CONSIDERED GOOD for others?

The moral dilema until this day has been unresolved. As we go deeper and deeper in our own motivations and the desires, we found that we know when something is right. Somewhere close to our bellybutton we feel that tingling tickling. Well, so far, no one clearly and irrefutably knows how we learn to feel that way. Some say its evolution, preservation, the build up of millions of years of experience that were passed from one being to its upbringing. For others is a socio-cultural construct, that is subject of the norms and rules of the places where you are born and raised. Another option is religion, that puts the origin of morality in a being alien to the human species.

The postmodernism, the crumbling of the institutions, the access to all information, the lack of trust, the lost of the tribe, the isolation of the self, the journey of self-discovery, the pursuit of fame, the instant gratification addiction. This all are enemies to the question. How should we live? How to find an answer for were does good comes from? It can’t be by our pleasures and passions, those chain us. It can’t be by our intellect and reason, we are limited by our own capacity. It can’t be by our conquest of the self, it alienate us.

I believe that good has a source. That is visible. That can be felt. That is present in the overwhelming sea, the lovers kiss, that children smile, the poor gratitude, the rich empathy, the hug of a friend, the life lived for others. In this world of relatives, good is a constant. That’s how we should live: Finding good in everything, being good with everyone. I believe that if we try hard, this path will lead us to discover the answer for the moral dilemma.

Doing good we find truth.