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NextJS + Supabase: The best combo to build your digital product

I’ve been working recently in developing some new projects and I’ve found this combo to be the best for rapid iteration for medium-complexity projects.


Easy to be up and running in less than 30 minutes. You can create new new NextJS project and integrate it with a new Supabase database and deploy it using Vercel in less than it takes to watch a basketball game.

Simple Steps to build your project:
1. Create a new NextJS Project. I use the Typescript Config
2. Push your code to a Github Repository
3. Create a new Vercel Account (The same maintainers of Vercel)
4. Link your Github Repository with your new Vercel Account.
5. Create a new API on your NextJS project
6. Install the Supabase NPM module and CLI
7. Create a new Supabase Account and Create a new Database
8. In the new NextJS API create a new Supabase Client
9. Push your changes to your main branch
10. Wait for the Build to complete in Vercel

Voila. You have now an API that can be used in your React app integrated with a PostgreSQL database without having to install a single Docker Container or creating any AWS or GCP account. Not VPCs, no server configurations, no infrastructure hassle.

No more excuses to create something awesome!

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