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Stop building web apps that should be done by specs

Why are we still, on 2021, building login/register/forgot my password pages?

Most of the web based applications are just glorified API endpoints that are encapsulated in a GUI to provide a better User Experience. But there is no solution to auto-generate this pages and interactions for me, in a customizable way. I don’t want the Squarespace login nor the Auth0 login. I want my own login made from my design system but automatically generated from an API specification.

This should be pretty straight forward.

For GET endpoints make tables, lists and posts. For POST endpoints make Forms in different formats like editable tables, modals and editable sets. A big part of the web applications behave just like that. Other set of products can be summarized to graphics visualization, and the integration of several endpoints or data points to enhance user experience.

User Interfaces for any sizeable web application should NOT invest time and effort build the same pages over and over again, but instead rely on their own API specs to generate those pages for them. It should be pretty straight forward. I might try it out.

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