Family FooBar

A time for caring

Years ago, families were at home. Locked down. It was not a virus but a war the cause of the enclaustration. This time we fight a new fight, but so far, no nations are being attacked by its counterparts. Instead, a virus is the one bringing humanity together. What a common pattern in sociology, literature and politics! A way to become friends is to have a common enemy. The COVID-19 is that enemy.

New type of warriors are in the battlefield. Doctors and nurses, taking heaving loads of work in non-stop shifts, are now our commanders and soldiers. The war is just getting started, and we are losing. Thousands of lives have been taken, and no one knows when this is going to end. This new normal will look terriying and absurd when we are seen as the past.

It is time for caring. Care about others. But that is difficult when fear kicks in and our natural instincts of survival puts us in a nebulous mode. We drive in flocks to buy toilet paper, hand sanitizer and facemasks. We walk with mistrust of the other, and look with worrysome to when the enemy will hit us. It will hit us. Sooner or later. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matter is that we care. Not about ourselves, but about the others.

Consider the others, the ones that have no credit card to max out, the ones that have no remote-friendly job to rely upon, the ones with a lack of friends and family, the ones that need to work +20 hours per day to keep the ICUs working.Our uncles, grandparents and sons. This is the first step. Acknowledging their existence. You will figure out that fear disipates as you understand others needs.

I know that being asked to stay at home is a difficult thing for some of us. It’s just temporary. The more you care, the easiest it is to manage certain restrictions while the storm pass. We will celebrate when is done. In the meantime, connect with the ones that need connection, support the ones that need support and don’t make the live of the medical staff worse by ignoring their request to keep yourself at home.

I know you care.