The problem of too much ambition

Ambition blinds you. It puts horse blinkers on that stop you from seeing other opportunities. Uncontrolled Ambition is a great igniter of greed and selfishness.

After reading to Bob Iger, I came to the realization that ambition is overrated. Is a term of taking instead of giving. Is focused of self-achievement, is not about the big picture, is not about the process. Everything is focused on attaining a certain position, status, prize.

Ambition can also be addictive. After you have reached a point, you want the next one. A mentality that drains your brain to a single arbitrary goal that can’t be measured against your sense of accomplishment. Because, for the one with ambition, there is never enough, there is room for more. More for what? For more ambition. The next step, the next role, the next position, the next possession.

I think that a good antidote from uncontrolled ambition is kindness and empathy. Where you can pour yourself for others, some with different goals in life. Your “drive” can be use to help others instead of fueling your internal Napoleon.

Uncontrolled ambition becomes a cell. A prison of the mind. Check your past wounds, maybe there is the origin for the eager of gaining status. Maybe rather you should be taking responsibility.

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